The Process

laser templating countertops


First, we use a laser templator to accurately and quickly create a complete drawing of your countertop.

Titan CNC countertop fabrication


We proudly use American-made machinery from Park Industries to fabricate each countertop. The TITAN uses laser precision to cut each slab of stone to the templated specifications. 

Bridge saw countertop fabrication

Quality Craftsmanship

We also house a Park Industries Yukon Bridge Saw for simpler cuts. We have come a long way from doing each cut by hand with several passes of a diamond-blade saw. 

Park Industries water recycling system and polisher. Countertop fabrication

Polishing and Conservation

Backsplashes and select edges are polished with our Park Industries Fastback Polisher for a beautiful finish on every stone. Water conservation and recycling became possible for us with the addition of the Park Industries HydroClear water system. 

Countertop installation. Sink installation. Faucet cutout.


Finally, our experienced crew will install your countertop, mount all sinks, and ensure your countertops meet our high quality standard.